The post a day idea is out…

I’ve decided my life just isn’t exciting enough for a post a day.  Instead I’m going to focus on riding my bike, eating healthier, and spending more time with my wife.  Today I rode 30 miles, 15 out and 15 back, with no stop.  Aside from my chain coming off 4 times.  Hoping to get it worked on tomorrow as I have no clue how to fix it myself.  Luckily though I had all my gears and I ate a good breakfast.

After my ride which finished around 1 I ate a good lunch and went to the pool with the family to soak my tired legs.  Let me tell you they were burning.  It felt really good to move around in the pool taking weight off them but not letting them go stiff by sitting still.

When we got back home I actually spent time in the kitchen doing lots of prep work for our dinner with my wife.  It wasn’t so bad being in there wielding the knife and making her wince.  🙂  The meal wasn’t half bad for a “healthy” meal either.  I certainly could have used less veggies, but it didn’t kill me.  The nice thing about the meal plan I found is that it has a twist for every dinner to turn it into a lunch without a lot of extra prep work.  Cindy and I just finished that.  So tomorrow I get to try another new meal for lunch.  Saves me money, makes me healthier, and makes Cindy smile that I’m spending time with her.  I’ll count it as a win.

Here I come 4th of July 50k ride!  Ready or not!

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  1. Lyman says:

    LOL 50K THIS 4th of July? You crazy son!

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