No sir. Pandora I am NOT addicted!

I got this little gem in my inbox just a few moments ago.  I can’t say as I’m surprised, but I am disappointed.  I guess I’m going to have to look for a music subscription service again, pay the fee, or find a new free service.  Recommendations?

You Are Approaching Your Free Listening Limit

We wanted to let you know that you are approaching your monthly free listening limit. Pandora gives you 40 hours of free listening per month.
Why is free monthly listening limited?

If you’d like to listen more, you have three options. We hope that one of these works for you:

1. Pay 99 cents. Once you reach Pandora’s free monthly listening limit, the music will stop and you will be presented with an option to pay just 99 cents to continue unlimited listening for the rest of July. This is a one-time fee which requires a credit card, and it does not recur automatically.

2. Pay $36 to upgrade to Pandora One. For unlimited monthly listening as well as other cool features, you can upgrade to Pandora One for $36 per year.
Learn more about Pandora One

3. Pay Nothing. If neither of the above options is right for you, simply come back in August to start listening to your stations again.

The Pandora Team

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