It's almost midnight.. so it still counts!

Well it’s almost midnight if that gives you any indication how busy I was today. But I set a goal and I gotta type fast so I can make sure this counts! After an all day meeting at work today I took my oldest to see Transformers 2. I can honestly say it was a GREAT movie. It was worth every penny and then some. I can tell my kid is growing up now. We get to go see a lot more movies together, and he really gets emotional about things in the movie. I know a few of my friends read this, so I won’t release any spoilers. But trust me when I say you should go see it!

I also wanted to talk about another commitment I made yesterday, probably a commitment that’s going to push me to my limits. But since it’s so late I’m going to save that for tomorrow. You know after I go get some sleep!

P.S. – I have another all day meeting tomorrow too.

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