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I’ve decided today that I’m going to make a goal and stick to it.  I’ve found lately that I’m having problems finishing anything I start.  With 2 kids, a pregnant wife, and a full time job friends tell me I have an excuse to let a few things slip through the cracks.  But lately I feel like if it’s not work related it destined to slip through the cracks.  The only thing I’m finishing lately are sprints.  So here’s my goal for the world to see, A Blog Post A Day!  I don’t have a clue what I’m going to write about, but I’m going to force myself to find at least one thing every day.

Yes I realize this seems like an easy thing to do for a lot of people.  Hell my married in brother-in-law has a full fledged killer web site on robots, is training for a century bike race, has a pregnant wife, working on his PhD, & still finds time to go to the beach and run circles around our nephews on a knee board!

The last time I challenged myself was to ride my bike once a day and blog about it.  You can check my blog to see how well that worked out.  This time I’m hoping that by challenging myself to a simple blog post a day, when I have nothing to post about, I’ll force myself to ride.  I just hope when I do the ride it’ll be  interesting enough to talk about it when I get back.  Otherwise, chances are I’ll scour the web for something geeky to post about instead.  Something like iPhone 3GS Tethering.

The real beauty of all of this, for my readers is, I’m not good at writing anymore.  When I was in high school I could write all day.  I wanted to be an English professor for a while at least until I realized how much reading I’d be expected to do.  See therein lies the rub.  I’ve never been an exceptional reader, calling myself average is giving me more credit than I’d care to admit.  I can do it, I comprehend what I’m reading, I’m just extremely slow.  If I went that route, what would take most people a couple hours of reading each night would have me up all night.  However on the other hand, I truly love writing, but I’ve forgotten so much now and have gotten so used to IM chatting that creating a full fledged write-up is a bit of a work-out.  Not to mention my grammar has gone to pot and my spelling isn’t much better.

So now I have two questions.  First question, does this count?  I plan on counting it.  Second question, anyone want to takes bets on me making the goal?

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  1. Grant Guindon says:


    I miss you, and our in game chats about life and killing mobs/noobs/bosses with phat loot

    Where are you now days.

    You need to meet my wife!

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