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As promised.. AMS Twin Tip Sound Clips.

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

So as I promised earlier this week, I’ve made some sound clips of my AMS Twin Tip Exhaust w/ the High-Flow Cat (HFC). I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and let you get right to the clips. These are idle sound clips with some reving to 3k and 7k. I’m sure you can tell the difference. I’ve including the same video for each of the restrictor plates. I’ve also tossed in a little how to video for swapping out the restrictor plates. It’s super easy but for those that haven’t purchased it, it’s nice to know what you’ll be getting if you decide to buy this exhaust!

On to the videos!

Evolution X – AMS Twin Tip Exhaust (First Impressions)

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

I have to admit.  I purchased my AMS exhaust a couple months ago.  Needless to say real life distracted me and prevented me from getting around to taking it out of the box and putting it on.  I purchased the Twin Tip Exhaust, High-Flow Cat, & Down Pipe w/ O2 Eliminator.

Here’s a link for people who are interested!

Well anyway, last week I finally got around to installing everything but the Down Pipe w/ O2 Eliminator.  A friend of mine was kind enough to let me use his garage and tools, and even offer me a hand. It was pretty sweet, I didn’t feel rushed to get the job done before the rain came, and he had a really nice camera to help take pictures.  (I’ll include them at the bottom, so if you’re tired of reading skip on down!)

I have to say taking off my stock parts was a LOT harder than putting this on.  This thing went on so easily, didn’t cause me any issues.  However, taking off the stock cat from the down pipe.. now that was much harder than it needed to be.  It’s definitely a leverage issue being on ramps and probably won’t give you any problems at all if you can get the car up high enough.

So anyway, so far I’ve tried out two of the restrictor plates to give my exhaust note a different sound.  There’s a total of four included with the exhaust, I’ll get around to trying those out as well I’m sure.  It literally takes 2 minutes to swap them out.   You just have to make sure you tighten down the bolts or they will rattle if you leave them loose in there!

There is a couple negatives though.

First, my mid-pipe came with a dent in it.  Not sure if it came from AMS this way or happened in shipping.  I find it hard to believe it happened in shipping because the packaging was really good.  We made sure to take pictures so I could show AMS.  I don’t think it’s going to affect performance, but the rest of the exhaust is so damn beautiful it really stands out!

Secondly, the High-Flow Cat is throwing a SEL light.  Now I understand there is a spacer you can buy to take care of this issue, and AMS even has one.  The issue here is I bought a FULL Exhaust.  DP, HFC, & Tips.  I’d think thought that it would come with everything, including the spacer.  They obviously know it’s a problem so why not just send the part along and save the customer the hassle.

But let’s not end on a negative note.  I spoke with AMS about this and they understand where I’m coming from.  They have great customer service and do actually listen.  Just make sure when you order yours you get that spacer!

Overall I am extremely pleased with the system.  As I said I haven’t gotten the down pipe in yet, but that’s going to happen next weekend.  I plan to also take some sound clips so stay tuned for those hopefully this weekend.  But for now here are the pictures!

Let's get started! Muffler, Tips, Restrictor Plates, & V-Clamps V-Clamps

Restrictor Plates Mid-Pipe Mid-Pipe w/ Dent :(

Mid-Pipe w/ Dent :( Beautiful Tips! Beautiful Tips!

Muffler Tip w/ MidPipe View Underbody View #1 Underbody View #2

Close-Up Rear View Work's Done!